About the Bank

class="right"The Bank is guided in all its actions by the objective of fostering monetary stability that promotes the growth of the economy of Belize.

In pursuit of this objective, the Bank performs the following functions:

  • Provides economic advice to the Government of Belize
  • Provides banking services to commercial banks, Government of Belize and public-sector organizations
  • Issues monetary notes and coins in Belize
  • Buys, sells and otherwise deals in foreign exchange
  • Manages Belize’s foreign reserves
  • Acts as fiscal agent to the Government of Belize
  • Facilitates securities market transactions
  • Administers monetary policies
  • Supervises and regulates the financial system

Mission & Objectives
The Bank’s goals and objectives are intended to encourage financial stability and economic growth in Belize.

The Bank is governed by the Office of the Governor and the Board of Directors.

Each department of the Bank supports the Bank’s goals and objectives.

Belize’s monetary and financial system has been monitored and regulated since 1894.

Community Outreach
The Bank and its staff support the community through donations and volunteer efforts.

Learn about what it’s like to work for the Bank and review current job vacancies.