Our Culture

The Bank promotes an environment of open and honest communication, inclusiveness, innovation and diversity to create working conditions that foster growth.

The Bank is committed to a workplace of knowledge sharing, the exchange of experiences and expertise and continuous development. The Bank offers a competitive compensation and benefits package, wellness programs and a stable career.

The Bank prides itself on its commitment to and belief in the following core values:

  • Integrity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Accountability
  • Teamwork
  • Respect

With its focus on excellence, the Bank instills in its employees the importance of their role in achieving its goals and objectives. Employees understand that they represent the Bank and are expected to comply with the Employee Code of Conduct.

Staff Testimonials

Basil Brannon
Office Assistant - Administration Department

As an employee with over twenty years, the Bank has been like a second home. The family-oriented atmosphere and the relationships formed with my co-workers are key motivating factors. I truly enjoy what I do at the Bank since we all work as a team to achieve our goals. While I have faced many personal challenges in my years, my colleagues who have become my friends have really given me support in times of need. For this and many more reasons, I am privileged and grateful to be an employee of the Central Bank of Belize.


Brian Duncan
Examiner - Financial Sector Supervision Department

As a regulator, I realize the work I do directly impacts both the financial system and the Belizean populace.  This realization provides me with a greater sense of worth and a constant endeavour for personal development. 


Alex Ferguson
Security Officer - Security Department

The Bank clearly cares about its employees and wants us to grow with it.  Being here, I have learned something new everyday to add to my professional and personal development. As employees, we receive excellent benefits that improve our quality of life and are continuously recognized and fairly rewarded for our efforts.


Timothy Grant
Deputy Director - Human Resources Department

As one of the newest members of the Bank, it pleases me greatly to know that the Bank promotes an environment of inclusiveness and teamwork. I take pride in being part of the team tasked with identifying highly motivated and well trained professionals who are committed to achieving the Bank’s objectives in an efficient and cost effective manner. We promote excellence and work tirelessly to exceed our employees’ and the public’s expectations. 


John Hertular
Manager, Accounts - Finance Department

My twenty years at the Central Bank of Belize have been both challenging and rewarding.  I have had the opportunity to meet many interesting people and work in a learning environment that keeps me informed and fosters my personal development.  Working along with colleagues who perform financial and economic roles, and having prospects of promotions within the Bank, have been very fulfilling.



Azucena Quan-Novelo
Director - Research Department

It is intellectually stimulating and very rewarding to be part of a highly professional team providing the economic intelligence (gleaned through economic research, monitoring and analyses), which informs monetary policies that have successfully maintained the fixed exchange rate and contributed to financial system stability and growth.


Patricia Waight
Senior Clerical Officer - Banking & Currency Department

I started working at the Central Bank of Belize as a Counting Clerk over twenty years ago and in my tenure, I was constantly given the opportunity to experience growth in my career and develop new skills through on the job training and courses offered at the Bank. The Bank fully sponsored me in attaining my Bachelor’s Degree through the 2006 Governor’s Choice Award. The work at the Bank is challenging yet stimulating and I always have a clear understanding of what is expected of me.  It is motivating to know that I am positively contributing to the development of the Bank.