Corporate Strategy

The Central Bank’s corporate strategy enables the organization to advance its mission by executing strategic initiatives in pursuit of its vision. The Strategy Map depicts the Bank’s priority objectives for 2018 – 2022, based on increasing value to stakeholders in order to best serve the nation.

Belize’s development is the overarching goal of the Central Bank’s corporate strategy. To this end, the Bank must:

  • Be proactive and responsive to developments to ensure maintenance of a stable financial system.
  • Be efficient at transaction processing in a modern financial system.
  • Facilitate functional money and capital markets.
  • Provide access to the domestic and international financial system for all Belizeans.
  • Encourage a financially literate and inclusive Belizean community.

The strategy map lays out how the Central Bank will pursue these goals, itemizing the strategic objectives for 2018-2022.
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