The Bank has a number of departments and units working interdependently, along with the Office of the Governor, to achieve the Bank’s strategic goals and objectives.

Learn more about each of the departments of the Bank:

Provides administrative services to support the Bank.

Banking and Currency
Provides banking services to the Government of Belize and issues currency.

Ensures the integrity of the Bank’s financial information.

Financial Sector Supervision
Supervises and regulates Belize’s financial institutions.

Human Resources
Promotes efficiency, productivity and employee development and satisfaction.

Information Technology
Supports the Bank’s operations through the strategic use of information technology.

Internal Audit
Provides monitoring compliance to enhance the Bank’s governance process.

Office of the Governor
Oversees the strategic direction, management and day-to-day operations of the Bank.

Office of Strategy Management
Oversees projects and programs in support of the Bank’s strategic objectives.

Provides the Bank and Government leaders with timely and well organized information.

Protects the Bank’s staff, property and lawful visitors.