The Research Department acts as the intelligence arm of the Central Bank of Belize to provide the Bank and leaders of Government with timely and well organized information.

The Research Department gathers information on developments in the Belizean economy and in other countries that interact with Belize through international trade and payments. The department is also responsible for implementing the Exchange Control Regulations under the Exchange Control Act.

The Research Department performs these core functions:

  • Monitors economic trends in Belize on money and credit, the real sector, government operations and debt, and external transactions
  • Compiles, processes and disseminates monetary, financial and other economic statistics
  • Produces monthly, quarterly, annual and other ad hoc economic reports
  • Conducts focused research on the Belizean economy and issues pertaining to its development and stability
  • Provides economic and financial information to the public
  • Processes and monitors foreign exchange transactions of the financial system in accordance with the exchange control regulations
  • Improves and expands the Bank’s library collection