Office of the Governor

The Office of the Governor oversees the strategic direction, management and day-to-day operations of the Bank.

The Office of the Governor includes the Governor’s Office, Office of the Deputy Governor, Research, Financial Supervision and Compliance, and the Office of the Deputy Governor, Financial Services. The office performs these core functions:

  • Manages the operations of the Bank in advancement of the stated objectives of fostering monetary and exchange rate stability, promotion of credit and economic growth
  • Ensures corporate governance in accordance with the relevant laws, policies and directives of the Board
  • Conducts strategic planning and provides leadership to develop and promote an environment and culture that is supportive of stated goals and objectives
  • Oversees public relations and external communications to foster national and international confidence, promote financial stability, literacy and institutional credibility

The Role of the Governor

Kareem Michael PortraitMr. Kareem Michael serves as the present Governor of the Central Bank of Belize. The Governor is appointed by the Governor General of Belize on the advice of the Prime Minister. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Bank and is responsible for providing strategic direction and leadership, subject to the general overview of the Bank’s Board of Directors. The Governor's principal focus is on the design and execution of policies that underpin monetary and exchange rate stability, soundness and development of the financial system and economic growth. The Governor undertakes and oversees Central Bank communications with the public to ensure that these are in alignment with the Bank’s primary goals and objectives.

The Role of the Deputy Governors

Hollis Parham PortraitTwo Deputy Governors oversee the operations and research sections of the Bank and provide general support to the Governor in carrying out her responsibilities. The Deputy Governors are appointed by the Prime Minister.

The Deputy Governor, Financial Services, is Mr. Hollis Parham. 

The post of Deputy Governor, Research, Financial Supervision, and Compliance, is currently vacant.