Currency Notes

The Central Bank of Belize’s key role is to maintain public confidence in Belize’s currency while protecting the note from counterfeiters.

The Central Bank of Belize Act gives the Bank the sole right to issue notes and coins in Belize.  The Bank issued 2003, 1998, and 1990 notes which illustrate the rich variety of Belizean wildlife, national culture and historic sites.  The 1983 issue of the Bank maintained the design of notes issued under the Monetary Authority of Belize and are the liability of the Bank.  In 2012, the Bank issued a twenty dollar commemorative circulation Banknote to celebrate its 30th anniversary.  This note depicts the Jabiru Stork in flight  as well as the Headquarters of the Bank, symbolizing the strength and stability of the Belizean economy. 

Learn about the different  families of banknotes:

2003 Issue

1998 Issue

1990 Issue

1983 Issue

Monetary Authority of Belize Issue

Commemorative Circulation Banknote