Applied Metallic Features

Applied metallic feature applies increased security to the banknotes and will appear as matt black when colour-copied. A hologram in the shape of a toucan bird is on the $100 and a metallic foil in the shape of an angel fish is on the $50 banknote.

Hologram with Intaglio Overprint
A hologram is a flat optical image, which looks three-dimensional when viewed with the naked eye. The hologram is located on the right of the 2003 and 1998 issues of the $100 banknote and carries many small images of the toucan and the numeral 100 within it, which can be seen in many colours when viewed at different angles. The hologram makes deceptive reproductions difficult to generate.

The hologram on the 2003 issue of the $100 banknotes has the increased security of an "intaglio overprint" in the shape of a periwinkle flower. The addition of a raised intaglio applied on top of the hologram adds a further dimension to the protection of the note creating more work for the would-be counterfeiter.

Foil with Intaglio Overprint
The $50 banknote has a highly reflective metallic foil in the shape of an angel fish with the Jade Head overprinted onto it in intaglio. The foil will reproduce as matt black if colour-copied while the presence of intaglio print on top of the foil deters the would-be counterfeiter from simulating the foil area separately.

View currency with the applied metallic hologram security feature:

2003 Issue $100 and $50 

1998 Issue $100 and $50