Abandoned Property

Abandoned property, or unclaimed property, is a non-monetary or monetary item held by a financial institution for more than 10 years without evidence of activity. Financial institutions report and deliver this abandoned property to the Central Bank of Belize.

Claiming abandoned property


In accordance with Section 125 (1) of the DBFIA 2012, any person claiming an interest in any monetary or non-monetary item may file a claim thereto with the licensee and after an appropriate hearing by the licensee, the decision of which shall be communicated to the claimant.

1.  Contact your Commercial Bank for further instructions.
2. Those who can claim abandoned property include: 

  • The original owner
  • Heir of original owner
  • A personal representative on behalf of an Estate.
  • A personal representative on behalf of an Organization.

Publication of the abandoned property listing

Abandoned property is published by Belize’s financial institutions in the Gazette and a newspaper on a yearly basis, as required by the Domestic Banks and Financial Institutions Act, 2012 (DBFIA), part XII section 121-(5).