Exchange Control Approvals

In accordance with the Exchange Control Regulations, 2003, the Central Bank of Belize must approve financial transactions concerning dealings in gold and foreign currency, as well as financial transactions between residents and non-residents involving exports and imports; the purchase, sale, and transfer of property and securities; and the borrowing and lending of funds.

The procedures and requirements to apply for an XCH1 permit (for current transactions and capital transactions) follow.

XCH1 Foreign Exchange Permits

When the general public is requesting a XCH1 foreign exchange permit, the following instructions must be applied:

1. Complete the XCH-1 Application for Foreign Exchange Permit Form (PDF)

2. Email the completed XCH-1 Application for Foreign Exchange Form, support documentation(s), and name of domestic bank or remittance service provider executing application via email to:

3. Forms received will be processed by the end of the next business day.  Kindly note, the electronic approved XCH-1 Application for Foreign Exchange Form will be emailed to the Applicant. 

In the event that the General Public cannot access the internet, kindly adhere to the following instructions:

1. Deliver the completed XCH-1 Application for Foreign Exchange Form in a sealed envelope clearly referencing “XCH-1 Application” along with a contact name and number to:

  Central Bank of Belize
  Payment Services & Exchange Control Approvals Department
  Gabourel Lane
  Belize City, Belize

2. XCH-1 Application for Foreign Exchange Forms will be processed by the end of the next business day.

3. The customer will be informed of the application status via a telephone call for confirmation of pick up at the Central Bank of Belize Receptacle located at the Bank’s entrance.

Request of Capital Transactions

To request approvals of Capital Transactions such as Land Transactions, Portfolio Investments (Shares), External Investments, Foreign/Domestic loans and Bank Accounts, clients will need to:

1. Email completed applications to

2. Requirements for each transaction can be found below dependent on your choice of application:

Please note, a Standing Order Application Form (PDF) must be submitted along with required documentation.

3. A confirmation of receipt of application will be sent to applicant on the day of submission.  Please note, that a response on the application status will also be sent via email within 15 business days of the date of the submitted application.
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