The Automated Payment and Securities Settlement System (APSSS) is an instrumental component of the national payment system reform project, interconnecting domestic financial institutions to allow large and small value payments and a Central Securities Depository to allow electronic auction and registration of Government securities.

The national payment system reform project is a collaborative effort, involving the Central Bank, Central Government and domestic financial institutions. This ongoing work is of national importance and is in accordance with the Central Bank’s mission to assure a safe, sound, and efficient financial system. The national payment system reform significantly enhances the safety, reliability, and efficiency of the financial system’s payment infrastructure, which is integral to economic activity and growth.

APSSS was launched on 21 October 2016, connecting financial institutions in a local network, and enabling banks and other authorized institutions to make electronic payments quickly, safely, and securely anywhere in Belize. The reform provides a wider range of payment options and services. New laws will govern the efficient operation of the Automated Payment and Securities Settlement System (APSSS) and all other payment systems in the country.

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