APSSS Fees Announcement

The Central Bank implemented the Automated Payments & Securities Settlement System (APSSS) in October 2016. Since its introduction, this modern national payment system has enhanced the safety, reliability, and efficiency of the financial system’s payment infrastructure. With financial institutions connected in a local network, banks have been able to provide a wider range of payment options and services to their customers and these customers have been able to perform electronic payments anywhere in Belize.

The Central Bank foresaw the tremendous positive impact that APSSS would have for all Belizeans, and have shouldered the cost to acquire, implement, and maintain the system for the past three years. Financial institutions are now being asked to contribute minimal fees for the processing of transactions through APSSS.

These fees will be used to offset the costs associated with maintaining and upgrading the system so that the Belizean people can continue to enjoy a modern and secure financial system. Furthermore, the fee structure was strategically designed to encourage the usage of the more efficient payment instruments.

Find out more about the APSSS Fee Structure in the Frequently Asked Questions.

The Central Bank fees being charged to financial institutions are tabled below: 

Payment Service Central Bank Fee to Financial Institutions

Electronic Funds Transfer over $50,000 or time critical transactions of any value          

• Will be processed individually during normal business hours. Funds are to be available within 1 hour subject to AML/CFT checks.
$3.50 per transaction

Electronic Funds Transfer under $50,000

• If submitted between 9:00 am and 12:00 noon, funds are to be available by the end of the same day.

$0.25 per transaction

Instant Funds Transfer

• Will be processed online 24x7, with funds available within minutes (Note: Not all banks offer this service).

$0.50 per payment

Cheque Processing

• If presented before 2:00 pm during normal business hours, funds are to be available 2 days later
- Cheques up to $50,000 $1.00 per cheque
- Cheques $50,000 to $100,000 $50.00 per cheque
- Cheques above $100,000 $100.00 per cheque