Registered Credit Unions

Credit unions operate as non-profit cooperatives that function as savings banks, offering mainly savings accounts, consumer, education and residential loans to their shareholders.

Credit unions are registered under the Credit Unions Act.

Credit unions registered in Belize:

Belize Credit Union League Ltd.
88 Victoria Street
Belize City, Belize
Telephone: (501) 223-0495

Blue Creek Credit Union Ltd.
P.O. Box 25
Linda Vista, Blue Creek
Orange Walk District, Belize
Telephone: (501) 323-0010

Evangel Credit Union Ltd.
Princess Margaret Drive
Belize City, Belize
Telephone: (501) 227-0063

Holy Redeemer Credit Union Ltd.
1 Hydes Lane
P.O. Box 544
Belize City, Belize
Telephone: (501) 224-4320 or (501) 224-5644

La Inmaculada Credit Union Ltd.
5 Park Street
Orange Walk Town
Orange Walk District, Belize
Telephone: (501) 322-2358 or (501) 322-3520

Spanish Lookout Credit Union Ltd.
Center Road, Box 622.
Spanish Lookout
Cayo District, Belize
Telephone: (501) 823-0323

St. Francis Xavier Credit Union Ltd.
79 Corner 5th Avenue & 1st Street North
Corozal Town
Corozal District, Belize
Telephone: (501) 422-2892 or (501) 422-0075

St. John’s Credit Union Ltd.
4 Basra Street
Belize City, Belize
Telephone: (501) 227-2575 or (501) 227-1050

St. Martins Credit Union Ltd.
Corner Eve & Far West Street
San Ignacio Town
Cayo District, Belize
Telephone: (501) 824-2093 or (501) 824-2800

Toledo Teachers Credit Union Ltd.
Queen Street
Punta Gorda Town
Toledo District, Belize
Telephone: (501) 722-2522 or (501) 722-0060