Licensed Payment Service Providers (PSPs)

List of licensed Payment Service Providers that have received approval to provide a payment service.

A payment service provider is licensed to provide a payment service i.e., any service that enables cash deposits and withdrawals, execution of a payment, the issue or acquisition of a payment instrument, the provision of a remittance service, and any other service functional to the transfer of money and includes the issue of electronic money and an electronic funds transfer but excludes the provision of a solely online or telecommunication service or network access. 

There are many different types of Licenses in the Payment Service Provider category, such as remittance service, electronic funds transfer, electronic money; and any other classifications the Central Bank considers appropriate.

The Central Bank of Belize (Central Bank) may grant a license to an applicant to provide a payment service if the Central Bank is satisfied that the requirements in the National Payment System Act (NPSA) section 8 (1) are met.