Treasury Notes & Bonds

Treasury notes and bonds are interest-earning securities issued and guaranteed by the Government of Belize. Notes have maturities ranging from one to 10 years, while bonds are for periods of 10 years or more.

Benefits of treasury notes and bonds
In the event of immediate access to funds, the Central Bank of Belize guarantees a market for individual investors. In addition, notes and bonds in the current environment generally pay a comparative rate of return when considered next to savings and certificates of deposits at commercial banks.  Finally, the interest income derived from the investment is tax-free.

Purchasing treasury notes and bonds
This market is open to all small investors. However, the market is dominated by institutional investors (such as banks, insurance companies and pension funds).

To purchase notes and bonds:
1. Complete the Treasury Note Application Form.
2. Illustrative Examples of Treasury Note Investments and Respective Application Forms
3. Send the application form in a sealed envelope to:
         Director, Finance
         Central Bank of Belize
         Finance Department
         Gabourel Lane
         Belize City, Belize
4. Central Bank of Belize will notify all potential investors of approval status.
5. Make payment through your Commercial Bank via APS3  to the Central Bank of Belize account no. GL1CORP0402627.

Security market trends
The securities yield rate curve indicates the current cost of all the Government of Belize marketable securities and can be used as a true indicator for commercial rates per timeframe in the country at this time.