Economic Publications

The Central Bank of Belize monitors and analyses economic and monetary developments in Belize and publishes this information regularly.

The Bank’s standard publications include:  

Weekly Monetary Aggregates

The Weekly Monetary Aggregates provides weekly data on the assets and liabilities of the Central Bank of Belize and domestic banks, components of money supply, bank liquidity and other monetary indicators of the banking system.  

Monthly Economic Reports

The Monthly Economic Report provides a monthly review on the performance of the Belizean economy. 

Quarterly Reviews

The Quarterly Review reports on the performance of the Belizean economy at quarterly intervals. 

Annual Reports

The Annual Report and Statement of Accounts of the Central Bank of Belize provides a comprehensive review of the economy’s performance during the year, outlook for the forthcoming year, the Bank’s operations and administration as well as its audited financial statements.

Statistical Digest

This is an annual publication providing time series information on monetary and financial statistics, interest rates, fiscal operations, public and private sector debt, external trade and payments and domestic production. 

Financial Stability Reports

The Financial Stability Reports examine key developments in Belize’s macro-economic and financial landscape and the resulting challenges posed to the stability of the financial system.