National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIS)

The Central Bank of Belize, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, launched Belize’s National Financial Inclusion Strategy on 17 September 2019. Robust evidence shows that countries across the world that have introduced financial inclusion policies and strategies, have experienced poverty reduction and improvements to the stability and integrity of their financial systems.

Our national policy makers recognize the role of financial inclusion in enabling shared prosperity and reducing poverty; they have been pursuing the implementation of sustainable economic growth and development policies as outlined in Horizon 2030 and the Growth and Sustainable Development Goals (GSDS) 2016-2019.  Further, the Central Bank embedded financial inclusion in its strategy map 2018-2022  as a primary objective in achieving economic growth and ensuring financial stability in Belize. National Financial Inclusion has therefore, become a significant priority for Belize.

National Financial Inclusion Strategy