Speeches & Presentations

Speeches and presentations made by the Governor, officials of the Central Bank of Belize and other individuals address financial, monetary, economic or other topics.

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  • Belize-30 years Retrospect and the Challenges Ahead

    Dr. Ydahlia Metzgen Presentation of paper titled, "Belize - 30 years Retrospect and Challenges Ahead" on 14 November 2012 at the Institute of Creative Arts.

    • Belize - 30 years Retrospect and Challenges Ahead

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  • Treasury Bills Presentation

    This presentation, made after the April 2009 reinstatement of competitive bidding on treasury bills, includes an overview of treasury bill trading operations, including auctions and the pricing model.

  • Know Your Money Presentation

    This presentation highlights the Bank’s role as issuer of Belizean currency notes, explains the efforts to combat counterfeit activities and outlines the principal security features of the currency notes.

  • Structure of Financial Institutions/Markets in Belize

    Presentation by Manuel Vasquez, Senior Manager, FSSD, at Seminar for Business Students' Association of the University College of Belize. This presentation looks at the macroeconomic environment for banks, the characteristics, legal and regulatory infrastructure and risks of banks as well as an overview of recent developments in the domestic financial sector.

    • Structure of Financial Institutions Markets in Belize

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