Rates & Statistics

The Central Bank of Belize collects, compiles and publishes a broad array of economic, monetary and financial statistics on Belize from primary and secondary sources.

The statistical tables included here provide time series data on monetary and financial statistics, public finance and debt, external trade and payments and the real sector. The tables are updated either monthly or quarterly. The tables are categorized as follows:

Banking System

Banking system statistics include monetary aggregates, monetary survey, foreign assets of the banking system, assets and liabilities of the Central Bank of Belize and domestic banks, domestic banks’ liquidity and sectoral distribution of loans and advances.

Other Financial Institutions

Statistics on other financial institutions include assets and liabilities of the Development Finance Corporation and credit unions.

Interest Rates

Statistics on interest rates include domestic banks’ lending and deposit rates, and selected central bank (domestic and international) policy rates and Treasury bill rates.

Government Finance

Statistics address Government of Belize revenue and expenditure.

Public & Private Debt

These statistics include holdings of government Treasury bills, central government domestic debt and external debt statistics for the public and private sectors.

Balance of Payments

Balance of payments statistics include visible trade balance, domestic exports and other balance of payments data, including the extended balance of payments on transactions in the services sector.

General Statistics

These statistics include agricultural production, gross domestic product and consumer price index.

Economic Indicators

These statistics provide major indicators of economic performance.