We are Belize's central bank. Our job is to foster monetary and financial systems' stability for the wellbeing of Belize. Specifically, the Bank performs the following functions:

  • Provides economic advice to the Government of Belize
  • Provides banking services to commercial banks, Government of Belize and public-sector organizations
  • Issues monetary notes and coins in Belize
  • Buys, sells and otherwise deals in foreign exchange
  • Manages Belize’s foreign reserves
  • Acts as fiscal agent to the Government of Belize
  • Facilitates securities market transactions
  • Administers monetary policies
  • Supervises and regulates the financial system.

Learn more about the role of the Central Bank of Belize, our corporate strategy, and our history:


The Role of the Central Bank

Find out more about the core functions of the Central Bank.
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Mission, Vision, and Values

Learn about the Central Bank's mission, vision, and values.
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The Bank's History

Belize’s monetary and financial system has been monitored and regulated since 1894.
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The History of Belize Currency

Follow the chronology of money in Belize.
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