Demonetized & Historical Currency

The Central Bank of Belize may determine that any issue or denomination of notes or coins issued by the Bank shall cease to be legal tender with effect from any date.

Demonetized bank notes are notes taken out of circulation by the Central Bank of Belize in accordance with Part V Section 22 (2) of the Central Bank of Belize Act. When notes are taken out of circulation, a notice is published in the Gazette, giving holders of the demonetized notes and coins reasonable time to exchange them at the Bank for their face value with currency which is legal tender. Demonetized currency is only redeemable at the Central Bank of Belize.

While the Central Bank of Belize has not demonetized any Belize currency notes issued since its inception in 1982, those notes demonetized by its predecessor, the Monetary Authority of Belize, marked “Government of British Honduras” and “Government of Belize,” are the liability of the Central Bank of Belize and are exchangeable at any time.

Demonetized currency must be exchanged in person at the Bank during business hours.

See images and learn more about these historical, demonetized bank notes:

Government of Belize Notes

In 1974 the first bank notes under the Government of Belize were put into circulation.
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Government of British Honduras Notes

Belize’s first bank notes were issued under the Government of British Honduras in 1894.
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