Get to Know the Financial Institutions of Belize: Payment Service Providers

A payment service provider (PSP) is licensed to provide a payment service i.e., any service that enables cash deposits and withdrawals, execution of a payment, the issue or acquisition of a payment instrument, the provision of a remittance service, and any other service functional to the transfer of money and includes the issue of electronic money and an electronic funds transfer but excludes the provision of a solely online or telecommunication service or network access. 

See below list of PSPs licenced to provide a payment service in accordance with the National Payment System Act.

Learn how to apply for a PSP licence

Learn how to apply for an Operator licence

List of licensed Payment Service Providers
Licensed Payment Service Providers (PSP)

DigiWallet Limited

Joe’s Meat Limited (Belize City)


28a Central American Blvd.

Belize City

Joe’s Meat Limited (San Pedro)


69 Pescador Drive

San Pedro, Belize

SJ Multiservice Supplies


San Jose Village

Orange Walk Town

Go Wireless Direct Limited


3.5 Miles Phillip Goldson Highway

Belize City, Belize

Go Wireless Direct Limited (Pound Yard)


Pound Yard, West Collet Canal

Belize City