The Exchange Control Regulations Act, 2003, authorizes the Central Bank of Belize to approve dealings in gold and foreign currency. The Act also addresses the treatment of financial transactions between residents and non-residents, involving exports and imports and various capital transactions.

Capital Transactions

Large deficits on the current account of the balance of payments and foreign debt servicing obligations requires continued vigilance for capital transactions, such as the purchase and sale of land, company shares, financial assets, and other investments. As such, Central Bank approval and confirmation of notice are required for all capital account transactions that involve residents and non-residents. 

Current Transactions

One of the Central Bank’s primary objectives is to protect Belize’s pegged foreign exchange rate. A stable currency is considered necessary for sustainable growth and development. A well-regulated foreign exchange control is essential for protecting the fixed exchange rate regime. The Central Bank facilitates the approvals of current transactions dealing with foreign exchange XCH1 Permits. 

Find out about the requirements and procedures to apply for foreign exchange permits and approvals for capital transactions.

XCH1 Foreign Exchange Permits

Find instructions on how to request a XCH1 foreign exchange permit.
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Transfer of Land in Belize

Find guideline on submitting notice for land transactions.
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Portfolio and Capital Investments

Guidelines on notice for purchase and sale of company shares.
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External Investments

Requirements for overseas investments between residents and non-residents.
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Foreign Currency Loans

Requirements for granting loans to non-residents
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Foreign Currency Accounts

Requirements for foreign currency accounts for export-earning sector
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Non-Resident Belize Dollar Accounts

Requirements for portfolio investments by non-residents
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Foreign Bank Accounts

Requirements for residents who receive foreign currency
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Standing Order Arrangement

Requirements for setting up a standing order arrangement with a bank or money transfer provider
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