August 29, 2022

Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Hon. John Briceño, signed an Instrument of Appointment naming Mrs. Laetitia Solis-Murillo as Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Belize, with effect from 1 September 2022. Mrs. Solis-Murillo will have responsibility for the Research, Financial Supervision, and Compliance Division.

Mrs. Solis-Murillo commenced her career at the Central Bank in August 1991 as a Research Officer, (later renamed Economist). In 1998, Mrs. Solis-Murillo proceeded to expand her professional experiences and worked in project management in the nongovernment sector and in management positions in the private financial sector.

In November 2011, Mrs. Solis-Murillo returned to the Central Bank as an Economist I. In October 2018, she was promoted to the post of Assistant Manager, Financial System Development Unit and in July 2022, she was laterally transferred to the Office of Strategy Management as Assistant Manager, a post she held until her appointment as Deputy Governor.

Mrs. Solis-Murillo has completed research in areas such as financial instruments and capital market developments in Belize, financial consumer behaviour in Belize, public sector external debt, as well as in other sectors of Belize’s economy. She is also the author of publications including “An Overview of Financial Instruments and Capital Market Operations in Belize” and “This Tranquil Haven: A Case Study of the Valley of Peace Refugee Settlement in Belize”.

Mrs. Solis-Murillo holds a Master of Business Administration (Suma Cum Laude) from Galen University and a Master of Science in Development Studies from the Consortium Graduate School of Social Sciences, University of the West Indies. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of the West Indies.

Management and the Board of Directors offer congratulations to Mrs. Solis-Murillo on her appointment and will collaboratively work with her in achieving the Central Bank’s objectives and strategic goals. 

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