September 27, 2022

The Central Bank of Belize is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Established on 1 January 1982, the Central Bank succeeded the Belize Monetary Authority shortly after Belize gained its independence from Great Britain.

“The Central Bank’s performance is a testament of its enduring commitment to promote monetary and financial systems’ stability for the wellbeing of Belize,” said Central Bank Governor Kareem Michael. “Looking beyond our 40-year milestone, the Central Bank plans to further its financial inclusion strategy to educate the public in understanding financial concepts and taking control of their financial lives, while forging ahead with modernising the financial system.”

To mark the 40-year anniversary celebration, the Central Bank will host a series of activities under the theme: “Celebrating 40 Years: Redefining Strategy, Promoting Monetary Policy, and Maintaining Economic Stability,” including:

  • Community Outreach - Central Bank staff donated time and gifts to the residents of HelpAge Belize-Sister Cecilia Home for the Elderly;
  • Thanksgiving Reflection Service - Central Bank staff to celebrate steadfast contribution to Belize;
  • Employee Recognition Ceremony - Central Bank to award long-standing staff members;
  • Stakeholder Reception - Central Bank to host reception for key stakeholders;
  • Christmas Party - Central Bank’s annual end-of-year celebration for members;
  • New Website - Central Bank will launch a redesigned website to be more user friendly and interactive.

Safeguarding the monetary and financial systems’ stability continues to be the Central Bank’s guiding mission and objective. The Central Bank remains committed to promoting the growth of the Belizean economy.

Download Press Release [pdf]